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Welcome to Lucid Thoughts!

This is a site for those looking for one on one guidance on interpreting their natal chart. Here we will spend time reviewing the exact time, date, and place the planets were in when you were born. The accuracy of this system will allow you to see into who you are and what's to come. 

A Little About Lucid Thoughts: 

My goal with Lucid Thoughts is to create a safe space where people can talk about their selves and their goals in this life using Astrology as a guide. Astrology is a platform used to remind the self of the self. The hope is that through this work we will be able to bring to light areas of the self that perhaps may have been in the dark or forgotten. It's time to come home to who you truly are. 

A Little About Myself: 

I am 26 years old living in Portland, ME with my dog Pai. In Vedic Astrology my Ascendant is in Pisces, Sun in Leo, and Moon in Taurus. I am a fellow Yogi in the Portland community and have taught at multiple studios within the Portland area. I received my 200 HR RYT & Reiki I Certification back in 2020 through Arcana School of Yoga. Yoga for me has structured my community, my values, and my health. Whether it be practicing on my mat, creating space for others, or guiding others through the practice, yoga has completely shifted my life for the better. It is a constant practice and I am working at it every. single. day.


Since then I have been studying Vedic Astrology, including a 9 hour module lab with Vedic Astrologer Christine Rodriguez. I have been reading natal charts since 2021 and I have finally decided to make it official through this website. I have received my Yoga Nidra certification, Yin Yoga Cert., and have spent time learning Trauma Informed Yoga with Mindy Miller at Art of Awareness in South Portland, ME. Including these mindful and grounding approaches in my teaching style and overall work ethic is important to me. 

I love to travel, SE Asia is one of my favorite locations and where I spent 8 months of my life. This is where my yoga journey began and I look forward to the day that I return. Outside of here you can find me wandering on the East End, at the yoga or ceramic studio, or with my dog Pai.

About Vedic Astrology 

"I received an astrological reading from Becca as a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. I thought I knew what to expect as I had browsed my own astrology online in the past. However, the report she provided went above and beyond. The thoroughness, depth, and insight her report provided gave me an awesome experience of meeting myself in a new way. I highly recommend letting Becca provide your astrological report; this way you can see yourself from the stars." - Nick N.

"Rebecca was well informed and spoke clearly about her understanding of my astrological signs and their relation to my being. This was my first reading and therefore I had a lot of questions, which she patiently listened to and answered in accordance to what resonated with my real life experiences. I really enjoyed the consultation and it left me feeling like I knew myself better or had a better understanding of who I am. There is no doubt we as humans are cosmic so I am grateful for the introduction to our relationship with the cosmos."
- Parker S.