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Welcome to Lucid Thoughts Astrology 


My name is Becca Garibaldi and I am a Vedic Astrologer. If you're not familiar with this terminology it can be broken down into two parts; Vedic is derived from a sacred Indian text known as the Vedas and Astrology is the study of the stars. Now putting it together it can be interpreted as the study of celestial beings as seen through ancient Indian philosophy. The movement of stars are thought to impact us on an interpersonal level. This is where I come in to help. 


Each one of us has our very own Astrological map which is a layout of where the planets are located during our exact time, place and date of birth. Based on where the planet is within your chart will then lead us to which Constellation it is closest to. The planets are always moving and even though the original birth chart remains the same, the placement of where they are located throughout our lifetime is ever changing. This means that if we sense a shift within our life that may be beyond our understanding then we are right that there is a shift but it does have the potential to be understood. 


My work is to study and interpret your individual birth chart to help YOU gain a better understanding of your authentic self. In my experience interpreting birth charts helps uncover, understand and shift patterns. Life is all about balance and it is through your birth chart that we can help find it. Life is constantly changing and so are the planets. Through Astrology life can become a bit more clearer. 

Outside of here you can find me wandering somewhere on the East End in Portland, at the pottery studio, or out walking with my dog Pai. As for my personal signs, I am a Pisces Ascendant, Leo Sun and Taurus Moon. 

About Vedic Astrology 

"I received an astrological reading from Becca as a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. I thought I knew what to expect as I had browsed my own astrology online in the past. However, the report she provided went above and beyond. The thoroughness, depth, and insight her report provided gave me an awesome experience of meeting myself in a new way. I highly recommend letting Becca provide your astrological report; this way you can see yourself from the stars." - Nick N.

"Rebecca was well informed and spoke clearly about her understanding of my astrological signs and their relation to my being. This was my first reading and therefore I had a lot of questions, which she patiently listened to and answered in accordance to what resonated with my real life experiences. I really enjoyed the consultation and it left me feeling like I knew myself better or had a better understanding of who I am. There is no doubt we as humans are cosmic so I am grateful for the introduction to our relationship with the cosmos."
- Parker S. 

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