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Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank
Dreamscape is a 3rd Person Stealth RPG using the Half-Life 2 Source Engine. Vote for Dreamscape in the Mod DB Top 100 Visit our forums and have a good time.

The Dreamscape team is looking for additional developers. Let us know if you want to join. Please visit the contact page. to submit an application.

Latest internal build is: Build 12 (Q1 2008)

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Forum upgrade and a new pic - 12 Oct 2008
Due to a recent onslaught of forum spammers, we have decided to upgrade our forums.  Not only will it stop future spammers, but the upgrade seems to have fixed the broken search function.

Now, I know the site has not been updated in a while, but I wanted you to know that Dreamscape is not dead. 

The game itself has changed a lot since our last update.  We have several new features, an improved hud design, and we're optimizing our maps and finally putting some actual gameplay in. 

Here is a screenshot of a stealth gameplay scene in Dreamscape.

I hope you're still awaiting Dreamscape.  In the future we will be updating the main site more frequently so stay tuned. 

Also, the results of our last poll are in.  Most people believe that Dreamscape will last 10 hours or greater.  We will try.

How long do you expect the Dreamscape experience to be?
Less than 2 hours
Between 2 and 4 hours
Between 4 and 6 hours
Between 6 and 8 hours
Between 8 and 10 hours
Greater than 10 hours

Making the Dreams - 17 Aug 2007
Dreamscape is currently going through a very big journey, and i'd like to share with you that over the next few weeks, we will have tons of content to share with you.  The gears have been turned, and soon we're going to be moving ahead, so do stay tuned!  We will be updating the frontpage frequently. 

Additional Talent - 12 Aug 2007
The Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank team is looking for some additional help in the areas of Level Design, Modeling and Animation.

If you have experience in one of these areas and would you like to join the Dreamscape team, please email Canuck at

DS Trailer - 20 Apr 2007
Trailer coming soon! - 27 Mar 2007
Hey folks!  The trailer is nearly complete and should be coming your way in the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime, take a look at some still images of Dreamscape in action!

Stay tuned for our cool new trailer!

New trailer coming soon - 01 Feb 2007
This week we've released our latest internal build, Build 10.
As already mentioned last week, we've added some cool features like HDR and Point Blank Attack and fixed alot of bugs. To give you some new impressions of our project we've decided to release a new trailer of Dreamscape soon. It will demonstrate some of our features and story informations as well, so better don't miss it!

Dynamic Shadows + HDR - 30 Jan 2007
Refresh your browsers!  We have a new screenshot on the recent media page.  It shows off dynamic shadowing on the player and HDR.

Stay tuned for more goodies as we're about to release a trailer for the mod!

Join us! - 23 Jan 2007
We didn't post that much news in the past so we've decided to provide you with news about and around Dreamscape each week.
But less news doesn't mean that we've been lazy. We've added quite alot features and content that will make it to our next internal build, Build 10.
This includes features like High Dynamic Range lighting and Point Blank Attack which allows you to knock out your enemies in close combat.
We also have been working on our levels. Level 01 has been polished and Level 11 is progressing as well.
Canuck also fixed a bug on our website which didn't allow you to comment our news. 
CrazyMatt and moH joined our team and will work on our world and weapon models. We'd like to welcome you guys, we count on you!

We still need support, that's why we're looking for experienced people who fill one of these positions:

  • Story Writer
  • You should be experienced in writing stories and description for video games or modifications. If you understand the borders of mod development then we would like to hear from you.

  • Texture Artist
  • You should be able to work with Photoshop or similar programs to create realistic and tileable textures for use in maps. Source Engine experience is preferred.

  • Animator
  • You're experienced in rigging and willing to work with our coders and modelers to make Dreamscape even more realistic. Source Engine experience is preferred.

    You just have to visit our forums or contact page to apply to one of these positions.

    Dreamscape has females! - 18 Dec 2006
    That's right, we now have female characters in Dreamscape thanks to our lead modeler, Guillaume.  Take a look at our recent media screenshot to your left.

    And oh yeah, vote for Dreamscape!

    Recent media - Stealth Gameplay - 01 Dec 2006
    Stealth is a very important gameplay aspect in Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank, and unfortunately we've never had the chance to put any effort into this feature, until now.  

    First, some background on Dreamscape's stealth system; Stealth is represented on the HUD as a pointer on an arched line.  The calculation of a player's stealth involves a complex function of the lighting on the player and his current camouflage state.  Your stealth level directly affects the state of the enemy.

    Today, I will introduce the camouflage system.  Virgil, the main character is an unusual character.  He is unlike you and me.  This means that he has special camouflaging capabilities.   He has a special suit that can dynamically change according to his environment.  This conceals him from his enemies.  There are restrictions, however, on the usage of the camouflage system, but I won't go into them now. 

    Please take a look at our recent media for an example as well as our Moddb profile.

    New Recent Media and a Poll - 05 Nov 2006
    Hey folks.  We're glad to be back.  There's been a lot of action these past few weeks as we're preparing to release build 9.  Things are going so smoothly that we decided to release a screenshot in our recent media section.  The screenshot features our work-in-progress status/inventory screen which will appear just before you start a level.

    We have also coded up a poll for our site.  Take this moment to vote for your favourite genre.

    Media Update - 26 Oct 2006
    Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank is a 3rd-person single-player RPG.

    Today, we would like to present to you our main character; Virgil Coltreese.  Virgil was modeled by our lead modeler, Psykedelius.  Virgil features advanced normal mapping and texturing techniques to make him look as good as possible in Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank. 

    We would like to present 8 screenshots which feature Virgil Coltreese in 8 different settings. 

    If you would like to comment on a specific screenshot, please free to do so in our moddb gallery.

    Thank you,
    Team Dreamscape

    New forum - 22 Oct 2006
    Thanks to Raitis, the Dreamscape forums now match the look of the site.  So take this opportunity to join the forums and start posting!  We'd love to hear about your suggestions and comments. 

    There has been steady progress on Dreamscape in the last month.  We have released Build 8 internally and our now working on Build 9. 

    We intend to release some media pretty soon, but in the meantime, I have added one pic to the recent media section to the left of the website, which shows the player entering the so-called "Dreamscape".

    Welcome to the new website! - 13 Aug 2006
    The Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank mod now has a brand new website thanks to our friend Raitis.  A lot of new content has been added to the website so please take this opportunity to browse the website.  Afterwards, feel free to give us your opinion in the Dreamscape Talk section on the lower left of the website!

    Now for some mapping goodness:

    Head on over to our media page for more screenshots!

    The Dreamscape team is looking for an additional modeler, animator and texture artist.  If you are interested in joining, please e-mail Canuck at

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